7 Figure Profit Code: The Figure of the Effective Collaborator

Yesterday 7 Figure Profit Code, after a reading of the ruling that lasted for almost 4 hours, Judge Richard Concepción Carhuancho ordered preventive detention against 4 of the 5 directors of the Odebrecht member companies in Peru. This decision is added to the set of rulings that provide for the incarceration of various parties involved in this great corruption case.

7 Figure Profit Code

7 Figure Profit Code

Now, the advances that have been presented in this research would not have been possible – or at least they would not have occurred so quickly – but for the statements of the effective collaborators. Barata, Maiman, and even Marcelo Odebretch himself have been the telltale voice of many of the authors of these economic crimes.

In this sense, this editorial seeks to analyze the figure of effective collaboration in Peru, but not going into its legal regulation, but presenting the costs and benefits that this entails for the Peruvian State.

One of the greatest benefits of effective collaboration is the reduction of costs and risks in investigations. In all research, there is a risk of not reaching any result and that all costs are in vain, with effective collaboration, it is reduced.

Second, it helps, as the name implies, to the effectiveness and speed of investigations. As we mentioned earlier, there is a risk that an investigation will not have any productive result – that is, that the facts will not be reached – despite excessive costs being incurred. However, with effective collaboration, the possibilities of efficiently achieving a positive and useful result are increased.

Criminal Procedure Code

This is because the 7 Figure Profit Code Criminal Procedure Code, in its article 474, requires that in order to reduce the penalty or grant penitentiary benefits, the prosecution is required to corroborate the affirmations made by the effective collaborator; in this way, the possibility of the collaborator lying or claiming false testimonies with the intention of exempting themselves from responsibility is reduced.

However, not only is it necessary to eventually reach a positive result, but the time to reach this result is not excessive. The delays in the accusations, investigations and eventual imputation of responsibility of the delinquents not only generates dissatisfaction and feeling of injustice in the society, but it discredits the institutional image of the Public Ministry.

In this sense, to satisfy the right to due process, this must occur without undue delay, that is, the truth must be reached in a reasonable time, whenever possible. With regard to this, Giovanni Priori states the following: “Until that decision is reached, or it is not executed, there is no justice. The slower and more cumbersome the procedural path, the slower and more cumbersome will be the path to justice.

Effective Collaboration

However, while it may have several benefits, Effective Collaboration may also have some disadvantages in its application, which should be considered. As a first cost, the testimony of the collaborator is in some way manipulable and influential, since we remember that the State does not guarantee a surveillance or protection for this cooperator. How do we make sure that the collaborator is counting the totality of the events that actually occurred? [2]

As a second point, De la Jara points out that currently, with the enactment of Legislative Decree 1031, there is no longer a limit to the reduction of the penalty that will be imposed on the employee, everything will depend on the agreement reached by both parties. Thus, a participant in corruption offenses could benefit on a large scale simply by informing his colleagues. [3] Is it fair?

7 Figure Profit Code, While it is true that the existence of effective collaboration generates incentives for criminals to contribute to justice, it could also be a reason to commit a crime, since citizens will know that no matter how much they commit certain crimes, they can exempt themselves from responsibility by collaborating with the law. justice, as long as it meets certain requirements.

For all the above, we conclude that although the figure of effective collaboration carries certain 7 Figure Profit Code Cost, the benefits that this brings are of greater value. To be able to clarify the facts and thus incriminate almost all the members of the criminal organization is of greater importance than to reduce the penalty to an effective collaborator.7 Figure Profit Code.

Bear in mind that corruption cases linked to the transnational Odebrecht have been executed with great caution, trying to hide any kind of evidence that could detect the crime. Therefore, finding evidence that allows a solid basis of accusation is complicated. It is in this context that the statement of an effective collaborator is valued even more.

It is necessary to ask ourselves: would the cases of Alejandro Toledo, Nadine Heredia, Ollanta Humala, among other important politicians, have been known, had it not been for the statements of Jorge Barata and Marcelo Odebrecht (effective collaborators)?

The figure of the effective collaborator has helped to clarify the facts, to initiate investigations, and also to prevent the exit of the country of public figures as well as the preventive detention of some of them. All this in order to satisfy the right to the truth of citizenship and, thus, to do justice.

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7 Figure Profit Code: The Figure of the Effective Collaborator

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