Complete Car Warranty: Complete Guide on Car Warranty

The Complete Car Warranty is in many cases a great unknown to the driver and owner: What does it cover? What does it not cover? Why this yes, but this not? When can I lose the guarantee?

What is the extension of the guarantee? The questions can be listed by the dozens, if we put details, and although in reality the warranty of the car is something very simple to understand, it is good to give a review of this whole issue.

Complete Car Warranty

Complete Car Warranty

The first step is to differentiate between legal guarantee and commercial guarantee . As cars are consumer goods, manufacturers must offer by law a guarantee that defines the responsibility they have to assume the repairs that are necessary in the product (the car in this case) derived from a manufacturing defect , and for a time determined.

This time is at least two years, and is subdivided into two periods: the first six months (the manufacturer takes care of any failure within the cases of manufacturing defect), and the rest (the owner must show that the breakdown “enters” the Complete Car Warranty).

Legal guarantee vs. Commercial guarantee

The commercial guarantee is the legal “extension of the guarantee”, that is, the buyer is offered a longer warranty that may be different, in fact, as to what it covers and what does not. This extension can be in many ways: more years of warranty. Almost always, but in general it is the seller’s way of offering a better service in their products.

To put it this way, the legal guarantee is that of minimums, and the commercial one is the one that is designed so that we opt for the purchase of the product.

Complete Car Warranty

There is a curious thing, at least it is if you did not know, what happens when the vehicle is within the warranty period, but a repair has to be made in the workshop. In that case, it is necessary to differentiate if the repair is covered by the guarantee, or not.

If it does, the time the car is in the workshop does not count for the duration of the warranty . Speaking more clearly, if the car is one month standing in the workshop, the Complete Car Warranty is extended that month. If the repair is not covered, the reasoning does not work.

Different Brands

Another curious thing about the guarantees is to what extent the different brands offer extra guarantees . The legal thing is to offer two years “of series”, and perhaps from something optional access to the extension of the guarantee.

This is often done to induce in the buyer the feeling that extending the guarantee will be better covered. Then there is another slope (and factories) that give “standard” three years or 100,000 km , such as Toyota, and there are brands such as Lexus, which offers a commercial warranty of five years or up to 160,000 kilometers traveled.

In each house is one way, and there are manufacturers who stay at the minimum, others give more, others get more for little extra money, and others that extend extraordinarily guarantees in time.

But we must examine the terms with magnifying glass . It can even be guaranteed on the one hand the vehicle, and on the other, usually for longer, some components or parts (for example in the case of Toyota Prius, which guarantees certain parts per 100,000 km as a basic guarantee).

And, what does not (never) enter into the guarantee?

Any failure that has nothing to do with a manufacturing defect does not come under the warranty, as simple as that. To give some examples, a breakdown product of reckless driving (from bursting a wheel against a curb to be declared total sinister by our insurance).

To put diesel in a gasoline or vice versa, overload the car (exceeding the maximum allowed according to the model), do not pass the periodic reviews that the manufacturer makes … All this means that we do not comply with the basic rules and the guarantee is canceled .

If we are victims of a natural disaster , if a landslide buries us the car, if it is struck by lightning, if a tree falls on it or the wind drags it into the sea … the guarantee does not cover anything, but it is because In this case. There is an official body that, in theory, will be responsible for the corresponding compensation or compensation.

Nor will we be covered if we tune the car , if we install non-homologated elements , a non-original sound system, and those kinds of things that we sometimes do without giving it more importance. Sometimes it is not covered by the guarantee, simply, what we intend to be covered, and other times any guarantee is automatically canceled , such as if we rig the odometer.Complete Car Warranty.

In the line of reckless driving, although obviously it is not the same, to register our car in a sports competition , or a track day , means to renounce the guarantee we have because we are, so to speak, tempting to luck. Depends on each manufacturer, obviously, but almost all will sign the same.

The reality is that a guarantee is far from being a car insurance , that is, the guarantee protects us against a failure of the product for which we are not responsible, while if we want other types of coverage, it is normal to subscribe an insurance policy (apart from the obligatory, of course). But I guess it was not necessary to clarify the difference between warranty and insurance, right?

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Complete Car Warranty: Complete Guide on Car Warranty

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