EZSipper – What is EZ Sipper? How The Best Eco-Straw Work?


EZSipper is reusable, very strong and is an accessory original. This straw is stainless and can be used as many times as you want. These straws allow you to stop using disposable plastic straws that pollute the environment too much.

EZSipper leaves no metallic taste when drinking a drink. It can be cleaned either by hand with a brush or can be directly washed in the dishwasher. Very resistant, you will have no problem to do.

Finally, EZSipper is customizable. You can engrave the message of your choice or your logo on the metal straw.

General Description – Characteristics of EZSipper:

What sizes are available?

  • Available dimensions: 12,7cm, 14,5cm and 21,5cm or tailor-made
  • Straws certified food contact (SGS)
  • Packaging: per box of 250 straws / Packaging by kit (bag in linen or cotton) possible with 1 to 6 straws + bottle brush.
  • Available in straight straw or curved and optional spoon on request to stir
  • Available diameters: 6mm, 8mm, 12mm or tailor-made
  • Certified stainless metal, without risk of corrosions

What colors are available?

Colors are available: metal, black, bronze, gold, multi-colors / rainbow, blue or custom.

How to use/wash?

  • EZSipper are suitable for cold, carbonated and hot beverages
  • Hand wash with the brush on request
  • Dishwasher possible


Why choose EZSipper?

EZSipper is strong, rigid and will not rust

Straw made of stainless steel is a reusable straw that respects the environment adding a real touch of originality to the consumption of your drinks.

These straws are made of stainless metal. They are strong, rigid and without risk of corrosions and do not rust. They are made from 304 certified metal and 18/10 food grade.

EZSipper without Metallic Taste in Mouth

These metal straws leave no taste or metallic sensation in the mouth during use.

The effect is the same as when you eat your food with a fork, spoon or other, taste in the mouth is not impaired and you do not feel metal. So it’s the same for EZSipper, you will not feel any metallic taste in the mouth.

Metal Straw for All Your Drinks

EZSipper to taste all your drinks as well as hot and cold: milk, water, cocktails, tea, smoothies, hot chocolates…

There are 3 sizes of diameters available: 6 mm (standard) or 8 mm or 12mm (for cocktails or smoothies).

We recommend, however, to avoid “burning” to let cool for a few moments your hot drink before enjoying it.

Straw made of metal is lightweight and can be easily transported to consume your favorite beverages.


How are straws made of stainless steel?

The straws are colored from an electrolysis-based technique that deposits a protective and resistant layer on the metal surface.

What is the manufacturing process of these colored metal straws? Physical vapor deposition. This coating provides greater resistance to corrosion and heat. This keeps the color of your EZSipper for a long time. A more ecological and durable solution than painting or electroplating.

Maintenance and Conservation of EZSipper

Made from stainless metal, the EZSipper is very strong, even unbreakable. It can, therefore, be reused over the long term.

We recommend using it just like any other dishware. However, be careful not to use it to consume your drinks too hot, you could burn yourself. Also, we advise keeping an eye on your children under 5 years old for the use of this type of straw.

The metal straw is very strong and can be used as many times as you like. You can after using the straw:

  1. Rinse with water, pass the special brush especially if you have consumed for example a drink with mint residues or pieces of fruit. Then just let it air dry.
  2. Washing in the dishwasher and drying in the open air.

Customers Review:

Daisy M: I was out with my Gran and I used my EZSipper. She was amazed and told me in her day everyone used to have their straw, she said this is amazing returning to the way things should be. She laughed and told me who would want to drink out of cheap plastic. EZSipper is stainless steel and I agree with Gran. Why pollute our bodies and the ocean with plastic single-use straws.

Asaka C: EZSipper is great. I feel like James Bond 007 in the club when I assemble my straw. It attracts attention!! The best thing is after I am done the bartenders always clean it for me and of course ask where I got it because it is so bespoke.


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EZSipper – What is EZ Sipper? How The Best Eco-Straw Work?

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