Impressions Can Far Cry 5 Really Conquer Your Heart

The Far Cry series has become a classic video game today. In 2004, for the first episode, there was already a world apart, but especially exceptional graphics for the time. The fourth opus did not really mark the spirits.

It was an imperfect clone of Far Cry 3, the franchise’s best game ever. If “Primal” is more of a spin-off than a logical continuation, Far Cry 5, officially announced in May 2017, has him, serious arguments to resell. For almost four hours, we were able to taste this FPS made in Ubisoft. Here are our impressions.

Far Cry

Hope County, the wrong name

What is the recipe for a good Far Cry? An open world of quality, a sufficiently captivating storyline, an omnipresent freedom, raw action, worked characters? Anyway, these arguments, Ubisoft has constantly put them forward at each presentation of Far Cry 5. And quickly, we realize that they have all been applied in this new album.

The first point that gives a little originality to this episode is its history and its different inspirations. This time, no exotic destination, but a fictitious city of Montana in the United States. Named Hope County, this county is home to a certain Joseph Seed, and several members of his family, who have created a cult based on several pieces of the Bible.

With his sect, he managed to rally many people and take the others hostage. It is in this terrible context that your character, accompanied by several members of the special forces, arrives to arrest Joseph Seed. But, as you must be aware, nothing will happen as planned.

Far Cry

What is surprising in Far Cry’s approach to writing 5 is his willingness to play with the current economic and political context while linking it to a fictional religious vision, but one that seems devilishly real. We must, therefore, evolve in Hope County, a cliché city of deep America perfectly modeled.

In this sense, the level design seemed very intelligent since it respects both the land from which it originates, but also the player and his desire to discover many landscapes. On the map, rather vast, which was presented to us, one could thus pass from a forest to a small city while passing by wet and marshy zones.

A classic for the series will you say, but it must be admitted that this episode seems to still want to offer a vision a little wider and realistic than accustomed.

Far Cry

Welcome novelties

Let’s evoke the first sensations felt on this episode. They were pretty good because, in addition to being intuitive enough to offer a quick start, the game also benefits from some new gameplay that is welcome. We think first of all the possibility of making “companions” throughout the adventure so that they come to help us afterward.

These humans or animals can be unlocked via some main missions or annexes and the player has the choice to add them to the menu so they come to his aid during some missions. We like to be supported by a young resistance specialist specialized in the handling of bows or by a bear, cute, but dangerous, named Cheeseburger.

Let’s come to the fighting phases. Still dynamic, the clashes of this opus are gaining intensity thanks to a panel of weapons that seems even more diverse. If the AI of enemies seemed to us sad enough, note that it was still more aggressive and somewhat more orderly than in previous games.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to prepare well its attacks on the various bases under pain of facing big disappointments. On this side, the title ensures the possibility of modifying its equipment (add glasses or a silencer for example) and to find the best possible combinations between discrete and powerful weapons.

Far Cry

As was the case in previous games, Far Cry 5 will allow the player to unlock various skills to improve his life bar, his ability to carry objects or his firepower. It will also go through the box “hunting” to improve its equipment as money (dollars, of course) prevails if you want to buy the latest gadgets. And this time more turns to activate to display the map.

It seems that Ubisoft has learned from his mistakes and now leaves it to the player to discover for himself the world, as is the case with Assassin’s Creed Origins or Ghost Recon Wildlands. Another interesting new feature, the possibility of choosing the gender and style of the hero from the beginning of the game, to personalize a little more experience.

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Impressions Can Far Cry 5 Really Conquer Your Heart

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