Federal Auto Warranty: What Your Car’s Warranty Covers

Federal Auto Warranty, The guarantee of the car has become an increasingly relevant issue for consumers seeking to be certain about their investment.

It is very true that each agency and shipping company has its own policies on the guarantee in the cars they sell, however, there are basic coverages that all must comply with and that are established in the Federal Auto Warranty Consumer Protection Law.

Most dealers give a warranty of 3 years or 60 kilometers. Whichever comes first, but it will also depend on the model of the car and its cost.

One of the most common mistakes when we buy the car is not to ask about the warranty on quick-wear parts like tires, battery or windshield wipers. This guarantee will be maintained as long as the rules that the concessionaire establishes and which you should ask, so that afterwards you do not take a bitter drink.

Usually to keep the warranty of your car you should not take it to a workshop that does not belong to the agency or make modifications not allowed by the agency.

Federal Auto Warranty

Federal Auto Warranty on new cars

What does the Federal Auto Warranty on a new car cover?

The guarantees of the cars are established by the manufacturer and will largely depend on the price of the car and the use for which the model is made. They cover defects in the parts installed by the manufacturer and some accessories.

The parts that are covered throughout the warranty period are basically three. The engine, transmission and axles. The windows, headlights, battery, air bags, seat belts, paint or similar cases, do have a warranty , but it is always for a shorter period.

It is important to mention that the guarantee of the car is suspended when repairs are made in the car. That is to say if we have 6 months of warranty and the repair within the agency lasts one month, when leaving the workshop, our car will keep the 6 months of warranty.

The repairs made to the car, must also have a warranty period, usually it is treated from 3 to 6 months, but this changes a lot depending on each agency.

Federal Auto Warranty

What does the warranty on a new car not cover?

The parts of the car that are not covered by the warranty must always be specified in the purchase contract .

In general, these are fast-wearing parts such as: brake pads, wipers, tires, spark plugs, engine belts, oils and other engine fluids, air and oil filters.

The extra equipment of the car is not covered by the warranty offered by the manufacturer. The responsibility to offer you a guarantee for these parts is from the company that has installed them. As long as it belongs to the same agency, you are not in danger of losing your guarantee.

In general, the agencies do not cover the damage to the cars caused by fires or natural phenomena , such as earthquakes or floods, nor damages caused by vandalism or theft.

The first two reviews of the car are usually free, but from the third review the cost is on your own, this will depend on what each agency offers.

Why is the warranty of a new car lost?

In the case of new cars, the guarantee is lost if the owner does not make good use of the car or does not drive properly , that is to say in activities for which the car is not intended, such as taking part in races or driving in areas flooded.

Federal Auto Warranty

It is also important that the maintenance owner to the car, as recommended by the manufacturer in the user manual, also take the unit to the automotive service.

It is possible that the agency can argue a failure of the car for not having complied with these recommendations and end the warranty.

Contrary to what is believed, the mere fact of taking your car to a workshop that does not belong to the owner or agency, does not disable the warranty, it will be lost only if the place is placed in the car some inadequate spare part or the repair originates a failure later.

Regarding the previous point, it is true that the warranty is not lost, however, take a new car to a local workshop, it could be used by the agency itself to ignore the vehicle warranty, it is best to avoid this practice.

Warranty on used cars

What does the Federal Auto Warranty on a used car cover?

In the case of used cars it is important that you know that the dealers have the freedom to define the coverage of the warranty, and even not granting any security in your purchase. In this case, if you find a fault in your car, you can start a process to get the dealer to repair the damage , consider that in this situation the tests are very important.

The guarantees between new and used cars are usually similar in characteristics and restrictions, but not in duration.

The used cars with guarantee come to have a period of coverage of two years in the best of the cases, but there are concessionaires that only give three months of guarantee.

What does the Federal Auto Warranty on a used car not cover?

There is a marked difference if you buy a car in a dealership with a private owner, in the first case it is much easier to assert your rights as a consumer than if you buy it in a lot that is not regulated.

If you bought your car in an unregulated batch and have some flaw, you have the option of filing a complaint within the first 6 months , however, you must prove that the failure in the car was present before your purchase, that is why it is important obtain the contract specifying the details of the guarantee. Which in many occasions this type of places does not grant you.

while is the warranty of a second-hand car gone?

Similar to new cars, when the purchase of a used car is made , the warranty is lost when we make improper use of the car or are made repairs in unauthorized workshops that cause a failure in the vehicle.

The warranty is also terminated when modifications are made to the car that affect the internal operation of the same.

If you have any doubts about the warranty of the car you want to buy or have already purchased, remember that each agency has its customer service line, there you can ask and they are bound by the Consumer Protection Law to answer any question it would come to you

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Federal Auto Warranty: What Your Car’s Warranty Covers

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