Get Bullish Pencils: Miracle of the Market through the Manufacture of a Pencil

Get Bullish Pencils, Can a harmonious society do without written laws, rules, repressive measures? If men are left free, are we going to witness disorder, anarchy, disorganization? How to avoid a pure juxtaposition of individuals acting outside of any concert, if not by laws and a centralized political organization?

Get Bullish Pencils

Get Bullish Pencils

This is the argument often invoked by those who demand a regulation of the market or of society, the only one capable of coordinating individuals in a coherent and harmonious whole.

This is not the point of view of Frédéric Bastiat. According to him, the social mechanism, like the celestial mechanism, or the mechanism of the human body, obeys general laws. In other words, it is a set already harmoniously organized. And the engine of this organization is the free market Get Bullish Pencils.

In the first chapter of his Economic Harmonies Get Bullish Pencils (Natural organization, artificial organization), Bastiat describes the market as a tool of decentralized and invisible cooperation. Through the price system, it transmits information on the needs and skills of everyone, it connects men who want to cooperate to improve their lives. The miracle of the free market, Bastiat tells us, is that it uses knowledge that one can not possess on their own and that they provide much greater satisfaction than anything an artificial organization could do.

Get Bullish Pencils

Friedrich Hayek

This was notably explained by Friedrich Hayek a century later Get Bullish Pencils .this submission that we participate daily in building something bigger than we can fully understand. In 1958, the American writer Leonard Read (creator of the Foundation for Economic Education) published in the review The Freeman a small essay, written in the manner of Bastiat, became very famous: I, pencil, (Me, Get Bullish Pencils the pencil). This text is a metaphor for what is a free market.

In this little text, I have taken up Bastiat’s idea of ​​an invisible cooperation between millions of individuals who do not know each other to lead to the construction of an object as commonplace as a pencil.

Nobody can do, alone, to pencil. But millions of human beings unknowingly participate in the creation of this simple pencil, exchange and coordinate their knowledge and expertise in the context of a price system without any higher authority dictating their conduct.

This story shows that free men working in the pursuit of their legitimate interests act more for the benefit of society than any planned and centralized economic strategy Get Bullish Pencils.

“There is something even more surprising: it is the absence of a superior mind, of someone who dictates or energetically directs the innumerable actions that lead to my existence.

Get Bullish Pencils

Wealth of Nations (1776)

The phrase “invisible hand” is associated with The Wealth of Nations (1776), Adam Smith’s famous book. According to him, the entrepreneur who seeks to make a profit is made to serve many more people than if I have intended to return only to people known to him. It produces goods that are increasingly useful and affordable through the division of labor and competition. Smith’s message is that everyone will improve their lot is a central element of economic development that benefits everyone.

And Leonard Read concludes: “The lesson I want to teach is this: leave all creative energies free Just organize the company to act in harmony with this lesson, that the legal apparatus of society eliminates all obstacles as best as it can. these creative knowledge to spread freely, have faith in free men and women who respond to the invisible hand. Get Bullish Pencils.

1976 Nobel laureate in economics

The 1976 Nobel laureate in economics, Milton Friedman, also took up this pencil story to explain to the general public the functioning of the market economy. In an episode of his television series Free to Choose, he analyzes the various components of an object as banal and simple as a pencil and he highlights the miracle of spontaneous order, generated by thousands of economic interactions. worldwide.

People who do not know each other, who do not have the same religion or the same customs, He concludes that the free market is essential to guarantee not only prosperity but also harmony and peace. Here is what Friedman says: “The wood this pencil is made from a tree cut in the state of Washington.” To make it, it took a saw. The black center, […], the graphite, I think it comes from the mines in South America.The rubber, a piece of rubber, probably comes from Malaysia, where they are not even native.

Business from the United States

Business from the United States, with the help of the British government […] Who do not speak the same language, do not have the same religion If they go to the store and you buy this pencil, you will have a few moments of your time. collaborate? Not a commissioner sending orders from any central office.It is the imp ersonal operational operational. Who pushed all these people to collaborate.It is the impersonal operation of the prices that bring them together to make it easier for a small fee.Get Bullish Pencils

Who pushed all these people to collaborate? .It is the impersonal operation of the prices that bring them together to make it easier for a small fee. is the impersonal operation of the prices that bring them together to make this penchant for a small fee. is the impersonal operation of the prices that bring them together to make this penchant for a small fee.

“Friedrich Hayek, in his essay” The Use of Knowledge in Society “in 1945, according to Hayek, no central planner or bureaucrat could have sufficient knowledge of how to successful guide to the economy and the economy of the marketplace. This goal of socialism is indeed an intellectual error, but an error which ends up generating an immense injustice.

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Get Bullish Pencils: Miracle of the Market through the Manufacture of a Pencil

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