Sample Cubes: The Cube Agency Shows its Creativity in Christmas Greetings

The Sample Cubes Agency Cube is a young company, formed by 11 professionals, who has an experience of 25 years in the world of design, advertising and communication, based on enthusiasm and dedication in their work.

Sample Cubes

Sample Cubes: How do Christmas congratulate the most creative studios?

  • The Cubo team is made of experts from different areas such as:
  • Creatives and designers
  • Specialists in marketing strategies and media planning.
  • Experts in institutional and corporate communication.
  • Industrial design.
  • Experts in new technologies.

In addition, they also have the collaboration of partners in specialized photography, video, multimedia and decoration, among others.

Numerous national and international awards guarantee his career and professionalism. Likewise, many of his works have been selected and published in prestigious journals and books.

The creativity of the Sample Cubes agency

From DRAFTING we show some boxes where your creativity can be observed:

In the photograph above, a different and innovative promotional gift is shown, with the aim of thanking your customers for the purpose of making the fulfillment of the tenth anniversary.

This gift consists of four boxes with their colors and their interior contains handmade chocolates simulating different Pantones. The claim “10 years discussing tastes and colors, thank you. All this, wrapping it in a halo of creativity and innovation, which characterizes them so much. This work has received awards and recognitions at the European Design Awards and Accesit Anuaria Awards. In addition, he was selected for the prestigious Select K book.

In this other example, the Sample Cubes Agency turned to a box of craftsmen in a box of mobile types in the style of the old types of cast iron. In this way, they want a good year for their customers, at the same time they express their values ​​in a creative way.

They manifest their new identity, but emphasize that they continue to maintain their work with the same quality and professionalism. All this, combining creativity and innovation with tradition, supporting the claim “with the spirit of always”. Thanks to this action they receive the highest distinction of the Spanish Association of Design Professionals in the Graphic Design category.

Traditional Way of Christmas

The most traditional way of Christmas congratulation is through a postcard. From Sample Cubes Cubo, they wanted to congratulate their customers in this way, but with an innovative and very sweet touch. This action not only tries to reward their clients for their trust, but to show them that they are committed to traditional values, but in a different and groundbreaking way. This innovative greeting was selected for the Anuaria awards, in the category of best promotional gift for the book Basic Promo.

And finally, they have been conceived of different models of promotional agendas to give to the customers, in which both the binding and the design were taken care of. For its binding, carefully selected fabrics have been used.

Sample Cubes, The result was personalized with artisan binding in different materials. The compositions that it houses inside combines illustration and photomontage and recreational environments, in which the clients are represented, always maintaining a balanced, innovative and groundbreaking composition. Thanks to this work, they received numerous awards and recognitions. Select F. Yearbook of Spanish Design. He was also a finalist in the Anuaria awards, and was selected to publish in Design and Design.

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Sample Cubes: The Cube Agency Shows its Creativity in Christmas Greetings

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