Warface Analysis: Video Game For PC

Warface, Launching a first-person multiplayer action game today and having the success needed to survive is not an easy task, especially if you are going to the free model. The competition is very fierce and if you do not get something to the market that really differs from the rest of the proposals or has a superb quality, probably most of those who try your game will not devote more than a couple of days, as they will have more interesting things to play.


This is basically what we have felt in each of the games we have played in Warface, a new free multiplayer action title developed by Crytek, which offers absolutely nothing we have not seen. In addition, to that feeling of déjà vu, we must add a series of errors that do not help and that spoil the experience more than necessary, as we will see in this analysis.

Warface: A pretty funny and very addictive fps from Crytek.

This Game is pretty good:

-Graphics of 10

-Sound quite acceptable 8.7

-A very acceptable gameplay 9

-I have not seen many games like this 8.5

If you like to shoot quickly and have a good time this is your game, but if you have experience and just entered it and do not want to pay money for weapons you will have, or invest money or let them humiliate you in a short time to start playing until you get good weapons, this is an aspect to improve since there are people of very low level (5-14) who have great weapons and people of more level and experience worse weapons.

Another aspect to improve would be in the levels of the verses, in a certain way it is fine that they restrict when you already have a certain level but in professional it is very, very complicated although if you get used to it and you are quite good you will improve a lot.

Another Game of War action

The first on the forehead that we will take will be when we get ready to download the game and discover that it is really a title for browsers, so we will have to go to their website and manage everything from there. The problem is that this gives errors of all kinds, is unclear and the interface of the menus does not stop helping us to place ourselves.

Also, for some strange reason it gives problems in Google Chrome and in the Spanish version of Mozilla Firefox, preventing us from playing if we use one of those two browsers, so in our case we had to solve the problem using the English version of Firefox (something that is not indicated anywhere and that has forced us to go testing things until we find the solution).

Warface places us in the not too distant future, so some weapons and elements are more futuristic than we could find today. Beyond that there is no kind of plot background that puts us in action, so once we get through the tutorial we will jump to real action with other players, either cooperatively or competitively.

The controls are the classics of the genre and the rhythm of the game is quite high, very similar to what we can see in Call of Duty (which is inspired by blatant), so we will soon start to run the maps getting our first deaths and casualties.

We did not like it too much that there is not an option to make the point is based on what we keep the right mouse button pressed, which will always force us to make the second click when we want to stop pointing, something that will not please everything the world.

In addition to this, we will have four different classes in the style of what was seen in Battlefield, which will allow us to dedicate ourselves to other tasks that are not just killing, such as dedicating ourselves to curing and resuscitating our allies.

The bad thing is that not all classes are unlocked from the beginning and we will have to play several games before we can choose them. As expected, we can modify and customize each of them with the different weapons and accessories that we obtain

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Warface Analysis: Video Game For PC

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